Dec 12, 2011

2011 December

December 2011
Gangtok EPCS Church English Service Roster for October 2011 
December 04 - Speaker: Mrs. Cashmore
December 11 - Speaker: Arthur Pazo
December 18 - Speaker: Ms. Lalchanliani
December 25 - Speaker: Mr. Bikash Cintury

2011 Farewell Service 
Hallelujah, and Praise The Lord, we celebrated a momentous Farewell Service for the PNG students this time – with over a hundred lively voices singing songs of praises to The Lord in an ambiance of brilliant Christmas decoration, Mrs. Cashmore’s thought provoking sermon to the girls on the goodness of Christian conduct and thereafter, a most unexpected display of bravado by all Class 12 students with their impromptu speeches altogether made the Sunday of December 4, 2011, a unique occasion indeed. It was a pleasant surprise to note that even though most of the graduating students do not profess faith in Christ, His teachings have left an indelible impression in their youthful minds. One student declared amazement to the fact that The Bible contained facts of science that were quite unknown to mankind at the times the books were written.   
The added bonus of appetizing snacks for all was, we are certain was a welcome interlude to the occasion and our grateful thanks goes to all who lent a hand in fulfilling the need.

Class 12 student, Pratima Chettri's impromptu address
The Farewell Service which is held in one of the last Sundays of PNG School’s academic year end was set on December 04. As the students would not be around for Christmas, it was decided that we would decorate the hall with a Christmas theme. The freshmen Class 11 students at the Church Hostel volunteered to do the decoration and presented us with a delightfully pleasant arrangement considering the limited budget in which they had to manage.

Sabnam of Class 12 chaired the service as conductor – although she had never been a conductor all along the year, her classmates did often call her to the lead the prayer for the offerings and much earlier in the year we had been prompted by her close friend that she is a firm Believer. 

None of the graduating students of Class 12 had been prompted before hand that they would be asked to speak but again, this year we were in for a big surprise. Never was there an entire class (in previous times) that marched up boldly and confidently to the podium one after another when asked to come and say a few words of farewell – but this time, Class 12 of 2011 did it much to our surprise.

2011 was an inspirational year in regard to the ministry for the youth of PNG School. The Cashmores (Greendale School), the Basumaterys (UESI), Brother Bikash Cintury (Jesus Calls), Mrs. Lal Chhanliani (IGNOU), Brother Sandeep S (BSNL), and Miss Teresa Rai (SCES), put in time to prepare and deliver meaningful sermons to the children  and almost everyone in Class 12 were eager to take charge at conductors. Our other regular members, Ms. Sayon Lepcha (State College of Education), Ms. Dawn Lepcha (Govt. School, Singtam) and Mrs. Esther Pazo (Food Department) stood with us, ever-ready to offer assistance when called upon.
The Lord was gracious to direct us into an enormous archive of beautiful songs of Praise and Worship which the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning and rendering them on Sunday mornings. And for enabling us have a set of our own ‘custom hymn books’ with enough to go around, our grateful thanks goes to Mrs. Selina Lepcha who presented us with enough paper, print-toner and the use of her laser printer to get the job done.

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