Nov 9, 2011

2011 November

2011 November
Gangtok EPCS Church English Service Roster for October 2011 
November 06 - Speaker: Arthur Pazo
November 13 - Speaker: Mr. Bikash Cintury
November 20 - Speaker: Miss Teresa Rai
November 27 - Speaker: Arthur Pazo

November 22, 2011 - Farewell Service on December 04, 2011
Close to the end of each year's academic session for the PNG School boarders, we hold a Farewell Service particularly to bid goodbye to Class 12 students who will graduate in the spring of the following year and not be with us hence onward. This year's Farewell Service is scheduled at December 04, 2011.

While in previous years, the post-service invitees for a high tea at the Moderator's residence included only the Class 12 students and a few volunteers, this time we have a more ambitious scheme at arranging food for every student. So, from the usual invitation list numbering only around 15-20 people, this time we shall be arranging food for 100-120 people.

The Lord has been gracious to our need for this event and generous donations have been received from congregation members as well as from Sister-in-Christ, Karen Mishra, who joins us when she comes to visit her parents in Gangtok.

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