Aug 5, 2011

2011 August

August 07 -  Special Praise and Worship Singing Sunday
August 14 - Mrs. K. Tingbo
 August 21 - Mr.P.J. Pradhan
August 28 -  Mr. Bikash Cintury

August 05, 2011
New Mobile Template on This Blog
Another BIG Hallelujah to The Lord on the discovery that Google have introduced mobile templates to Blogger and this certainly lends great appeal to many of our friends who use mobiles instead of computers to connect to the internet. Laptops are aren't common among people in our part of the world but we're aware that a good lot of our contacts use smartphones. The mobile template is enabled on this blog.

A Praise and Worship Only Sunday Special on August 07, 2011 
As mentioned in our July blog, The Lord guided us into wonderful collection of contemporary Praise and Worship songs earlier on this year and by His blessings we have already learned a good lot that should see us through close to, or even over an hour of  impassioned time of glorifying The Name of The Lord God Most High, hence the inspiration to conduct a Special Praise and Worship Singing Sunday Service on August 07. 

Only around a month previously on June 26, we had our Moderator, Rev. P.S. Tingbo bring us The Word of God. As he began to speak, he first mentioned that our hymn-sheet-collection had such wonderfully written Praise and Worship lyrics that our Sunday Worship would offer worthy devotion to The Lord even without a pastor's sermon - should it be that we opt to spend all of our time at the morning fellowship just meditating upon the words from our collection of songs because Christ's Gospel as well as the rightful adoration due to Our Heavenly Father were rendered so well by the songwriters.

Our schoolchildren love to sing and most of them show great enthusiasm at practice time, and CCM songs are a boon for the younger generation - it is in all sense contemporary - melodically and rhythmically in vogue with the secular world - but with a loud and clear message - proclaiming The Glory of God.

It is but human that each and every time we come in supplication to The Lord, we do so bringing our personal problems to His Feet even in all awareness to the fact that The Lord knows about our thoughts and actions well in advance.  Let us sometimes truly forget about ourselves and just offer Him our praise and adoration, and what better time to do it than at Sunday Worship.  
This brings me to conclude for the day by quoting a line from a lovely P&W song by the Maranatha Singers:
'Let's forget about ourselves and magnify the Lord and worship Him' 
(We Have Come Into His House/ Lyrics and Music by Bruce Ballinger)

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