Jul 21, 2011

2011 July

July 2011
July 03 - Speaker: Bro. Bikash Cintury
*July 10 - Speaker: Rev. Zambolis
 July 17 - Speaker: Mr. K.B. Cahmore
July 24 - Speaker: Mrs. Cashmore
July 31 - Speaker: Mr. Kornelius Basumatery

*Holy Communion conducted by Rev. P. Stephen Lepcha

The Sound of CCM . . . Inspirational Heavenly Grooves
All praise and honour to The Lord that in the wake of preparing a new set of songs to be taught to the PNGS children, we were indeed very fortunate to find some exceptional Praise and Worship mp3 downloads on the internet. Now we have enough teaching material to last us the whole year through and perhaps even likely to continue through 2012 what with the 30 odd albums that have been downloaded.

Here we are in the third world having all the while thought that The Beatles, Queen, Elton John, Billy Joel and the likes of them to be the epitome of contemporary popular music and never did realize there existed a whole bunch of brilliant musician-composer-arrangers who have dedicated their talent to glorify The Almighty Heavenly Father.

There have been many great hymns written in the past with praiseworthy lyrics and scores that blend harmoniously to create awe-inspiring odes to The Lord our Maker but that’s not to say that exceptional talent of our times that duly render equally, if not better tributes should be ignored. We are now in the age where Contemporary Christian Music ranks at par with whatever the secular world has to offer and among the list are a great many that reveal tremendous musical skill and extraordinary talent of their composers. 

Thumbs up to CCM, and Hallelujah to The Lord for imparting great talent among His faithful!

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