Mar 29, 2012


Morning Worship in English 


The Gangtok Church

Below Police Headquarters, Church Road, Gangtok, Sikkim

The Gangtok Church - Photo: May Lin Sun (Malaysia) who visited us on November 27, 2010.

Join us every Sunday
9:00 a.m.

In Winter (January till mid February): 10:00 a.m.

The great composer, Johann Sebastian Bach penned these three letters (S.D.G.) above all the masterpieces he wrote. As most Believers do know, 'Soli Deo Gloria' in Latin translates to, 'To God Alone be the Glory'. What a wonderful way to acknowledge the fact that the source to his great talent came from The Almighty Lord God Most High and furthermore to offer the first place (i.e. above the score) to the Provider and Giver of his extraordinary skill in the art of composing evocative and glorious sounds. And we who know our scriptures are well familiar that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ had set this example for us abide in. Not all of possess extraordinary skills as Bach did, but nonetheless SDG should be the essence of our daily living. Do it, and pretty soon onward, you will come to realize that you get better and better in whatever you do.

J.O.Y., J.O.Y., this must surely be,
Jesus first! Yourselves last! And Others in between! 
(A kindergarten chorus of yesteryears still unforgotten)  

2012 Half Years Report: January to June
As was to be expected, after the academic year end of PNG School, we were down in numbers but never down at heart, and once again very pleased to report that we did not have to shut down as in earlier times. The past 3-4 years have revealed that there are a number of us who desire to attend church regularly. This is not say that we feel regular church attendance is our passport to Salvation, Nevertheless, in knowing of the hurdles that some of our regular attendees face to be on time for church, we thank The Lord for the motivation in their hearts.

There was the occasional surprise put in for us by the 2011 Class 12 students. The twins, Tenzing Norzom and Tenzing Choying, Achyong, Bhawana, Anusa and Rosna showed up one Sunday with some of them taking the opportunity to conduct and do the Bible readings. At another Sunday, we had Pratima and Sabnam with us. They told us that they wouldn't be able to attend Church once their coaching classes began.  
Nerolyne Subba who was the Hostel Vice Captain in 2010 and now an MBBS undergrad at SMIMS, comes to fellowship often and ever willing to volunteer at any task offered.

With no song practices and no preparations for the conductors, the winter break for the students offers just the right opportunity for the coach to learn more new hymns and CCM songs for the coming year. And sure as can be expected, The Lord God Almighty has guided His servant into another set of songs that the children will enjoy to learn and sing - and to lift high, The Name of Our Lord God Almighty. Hallelujah!   

Dec 12, 2011

2011 December

December 2011
Gangtok EPCS Church English Service Roster for October 2011 
December 04 - Speaker: Mrs. Cashmore
December 11 - Speaker: Arthur Pazo
December 18 - Speaker: Ms. Lalchanliani
December 25 - Speaker: Mr. Bikash Cintury

2011 Farewell Service 
Hallelujah, and Praise The Lord, we celebrated a momentous Farewell Service for the PNG students this time – with over a hundred lively voices singing songs of praises to The Lord in an ambiance of brilliant Christmas decoration, Mrs. Cashmore’s thought provoking sermon to the girls on the goodness of Christian conduct and thereafter, a most unexpected display of bravado by all Class 12 students with their impromptu speeches altogether made the Sunday of December 4, 2011, a unique occasion indeed. It was a pleasant surprise to note that even though most of the graduating students do not profess faith in Christ, His teachings have left an indelible impression in their youthful minds. One student declared amazement to the fact that The Bible contained facts of science that were quite unknown to mankind at the times the books were written.   
The added bonus of appetizing snacks for all was, we are certain was a welcome interlude to the occasion and our grateful thanks goes to all who lent a hand in fulfilling the need.

Class 12 student, Pratima Chettri's impromptu address
The Farewell Service which is held in one of the last Sundays of PNG School’s academic year end was set on December 04. As the students would not be around for Christmas, it was decided that we would decorate the hall with a Christmas theme. The freshmen Class 11 students at the Church Hostel volunteered to do the decoration and presented us with a delightfully pleasant arrangement considering the limited budget in which they had to manage.

Sabnam of Class 12 chaired the service as conductor – although she had never been a conductor all along the year, her classmates did often call her to the lead the prayer for the offerings and much earlier in the year we had been prompted by her close friend that she is a firm Believer. 

None of the graduating students of Class 12 had been prompted before hand that they would be asked to speak but again, this year we were in for a big surprise. Never was there an entire class (in previous times) that marched up boldly and confidently to the podium one after another when asked to come and say a few words of farewell – but this time, Class 12 of 2011 did it much to our surprise.

2011 was an inspirational year in regard to the ministry for the youth of PNG School. The Cashmores (Greendale School), the Basumaterys (UESI), Brother Bikash Cintury (Jesus Calls), Mrs. Lal Chhanliani (IGNOU), Brother Sandeep S (BSNL), and Miss Teresa Rai (SCES), put in time to prepare and deliver meaningful sermons to the children  and almost everyone in Class 12 were eager to take charge at conductors. Our other regular members, Ms. Sayon Lepcha (State College of Education), Ms. Dawn Lepcha (Govt. School, Singtam) and Mrs. Esther Pazo (Food Department) stood with us, ever-ready to offer assistance when called upon.
The Lord was gracious to direct us into an enormous archive of beautiful songs of Praise and Worship which the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning and rendering them on Sunday mornings. And for enabling us have a set of our own ‘custom hymn books’ with enough to go around, our grateful thanks goes to Mrs. Selina Lepcha who presented us with enough paper, print-toner and the use of her laser printer to get the job done.

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Nov 9, 2011

2011 November

2011 November
Gangtok EPCS Church English Service Roster for October 2011 
November 06 - Speaker: Arthur Pazo
November 13 - Speaker: Mr. Bikash Cintury
November 20 - Speaker: Miss Teresa Rai
November 27 - Speaker: Arthur Pazo

November 22, 2011 - Farewell Service on December 04, 2011
Close to the end of each year's academic session for the PNG School boarders, we hold a Farewell Service particularly to bid goodbye to Class 12 students who will graduate in the spring of the following year and not be with us hence onward. This year's Farewell Service is scheduled at December 04, 2011.

While in previous years, the post-service invitees for a high tea at the Moderator's residence included only the Class 12 students and a few volunteers, this time we have a more ambitious scheme at arranging food for every student. So, from the usual invitation list numbering only around 15-20 people, this time we shall be arranging food for 100-120 people.

The Lord has been gracious to our need for this event and generous donations have been received from congregation members as well as from Sister-in-Christ, Karen Mishra, who joins us when she comes to visit her parents in Gangtok.

Oct 2, 2011

2011 October

2011 October
Gangtok EPCS Church English Service Roster for October 2011 
October 02 - Speaker: Arthur Pazo
October 09 - Speaker: Mrs. Cashmore
October 16 - Speaker: Brother Bikash Cintury
October 23 - Speaker: Miss Esther M. Sharma
October 30 - Speaker: Ms. Lal chharliani

October 14, 2011 - This World Is Not My Home
Those of us who grew up as children, youth and young adults (or perhaps even as senior adults in the 1960's would have heard the country gospel song (This World Is Not My Home)  made popular by the late Jim Reeves:

        This world is not my home, I'm just a passin' through,
        My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue . . . 

Isn't it pitiful that so many of who profess to be followers of Christ bicker and banter about alien residents occupying our neigbourhood?

Following the devastation caused by last month's earthquake, an associate organization had asked me to locate a specific impoverished dwelling where their group of volunteers could help provide some relief in the form of rebuilding damages that the owners could not afford. Well, our local government has been pretty efficient in offering relief measures to one and all.  However, amid all the good Samaritanical work that our state has done, I came to observe two families did not qualify for the aid for the following reasons:

a. Family "A" are likely aliens (perhaps Nepali citizens in temporary residence), hence the reason why they did not qualify for compensation. They are living in a very rudimentary shack, so weakly put up that any one of us could tear it down in a matter of minutes. I think that it is so so very flexible that even the earthquake had no affect on its structure. The father of the house worked as a (manual) labourer but now has an even less paying job as an attendant at a hardware store following injury to his back when 70 bags of cement fell over him.

b. Family "B" is a relatively poor Sikkimese people who live in a shack amidst a grand surrounding of concrete buildings right at the heart of Gangtok. The reason why this family did not line up for the free handouts is on account of their Christian upbringing and faith - since their shack did not suffer any major damage, the mother of the house thought it sinful to be recompensed on false pretext.

I am taking the volunteers to meet both the families, see both the houses, and then decide for themselves where they would like to help (within their limited resources and time).

October 02, 2011 - Followup to September Post
As the volunteering coordinator for the Sunday English Worship, it falls on me to request people to deliver sermons and occasionally some capable hands decline courteously saying that they are not ready yet. I understand that they feel themselves spiritually unclean (i.e. not fit or worthy as an exemplary Christian to witness for The Lord. Well, who other than Christ can claim 'absolute spiritual cleanliness in the human form to have ever lived on Earth'? We know as a matter of fact that even the great and blessed prophet Moses to whom God directly revealed Himself many a times to was guilty of murder!

Brothers and Sisters-in-Christ, our human lives are frail and we do not possess the luxury in dictating the terms of our individual longevity. Just stand up and testify The Gospel of Christ whenever the opportunity knocks. The next opportunity may not come in this lifetime, and of course you know well what awaits you when your soul departs the body.

Christ has said, "If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his Father's glory with the holy angels."  - Mark 8: 38 (NIV)

Sep 26, 2011

2011 September

2011 September
September 04 -  Rev. Zambolis Sawkmie
September  11 - Arthur Pazo
September  18 - Arthur Pazo
September  25 -  Arthur Pazo
*Holy Communion conducted by Rev. P. Stephen Lepcha

September 26, 2011

Sikkim Chief Minister inspecting earthquake damage
Last week, on the eve of Sunday, September 18, 2011, all of Sikkim was struck by a devastating earthquake that resulted in the loss of many lives and the destruction of vital road-links as well as properties. It wasn't the magnitude (6.8-6.9 and we’ve witnessed similar intensities of earthquakes back in the mid 1980’s and again in 2006) but more likely, it was the duration of this quake that spurred the destruction as it lasted between 30 to 40 seconds. Long enough to scare the wits out of our minds and long enough as well to strike the fear in our minds that were doomed – that the end of our lives was at nigh.

Human lives are fragile. Not only can we be struck by bricks, boulders, concrete, metal or bullets and bombs and any other solid objects to snuff the life out of us but there is the likelihood that we may also succumb to the failure of our bodily systems at anytime. Perchance that it be so, are we ready to face our Maker?

What were my thoughts during this brief moment that terrorized the minds of so many around? I could hear people screaming all around outside my window as if the end of the world was at hand! I had just completed replying to an email and then decided to shut down the computer as the room began to shake. And as I switched off the lights and power to the computer, I said, “Lord, I commend myself into Thy Hands.” Was I scared? I’d be lying if I said wasn’t, but again I’ll honestly say that The Lord instilled enough courage within me to remain calm and composed. My heartbeat didn’t race! I just walked over and stood beneath the cross-beam of a room (remembering the advice for a secure spot in the event of earthquakes) and then stood waiting for the concrete room around me to give way. Praise the Lord that it didn’t when all was over!

We are born in sin. Our minds are wrought with sin in spite of all our efforts to remain sin-free. That is an accepted reality. The little that we as ordinary humans can do is to look up to our Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ, accept His redeeming grace, accept Him into our lives, and as much as possible, “Serve Him.” Be not ashamed of Him - this is very important, and practically, this means that we should Stand Up of Jesus in every given opportunity and time. And then, we can rest assured that He will receive us in His Heavenly Kingdom when our journey on Earth is over.    

Aug 5, 2011

2011 August

August 07 -  Special Praise and Worship Singing Sunday
August 14 - Mrs. K. Tingbo
 August 21 - Mr.P.J. Pradhan
August 28 -  Mr. Bikash Cintury

August 05, 2011
New Mobile Template on This Blog
Another BIG Hallelujah to The Lord on the discovery that Google have introduced mobile templates to Blogger and this certainly lends great appeal to many of our friends who use mobiles instead of computers to connect to the internet. Laptops are aren't common among people in our part of the world but we're aware that a good lot of our contacts use smartphones. The mobile template is enabled on this blog.

A Praise and Worship Only Sunday Special on August 07, 2011 
As mentioned in our July blog, The Lord guided us into wonderful collection of contemporary Praise and Worship songs earlier on this year and by His blessings we have already learned a good lot that should see us through close to, or even over an hour of  impassioned time of glorifying The Name of The Lord God Most High, hence the inspiration to conduct a Special Praise and Worship Singing Sunday Service on August 07. 

Only around a month previously on June 26, we had our Moderator, Rev. P.S. Tingbo bring us The Word of God. As he began to speak, he first mentioned that our hymn-sheet-collection had such wonderfully written Praise and Worship lyrics that our Sunday Worship would offer worthy devotion to The Lord even without a pastor's sermon - should it be that we opt to spend all of our time at the morning fellowship just meditating upon the words from our collection of songs because Christ's Gospel as well as the rightful adoration due to Our Heavenly Father were rendered so well by the songwriters.

Our schoolchildren love to sing and most of them show great enthusiasm at practice time, and CCM songs are a boon for the younger generation - it is in all sense contemporary - melodically and rhythmically in vogue with the secular world - but with a loud and clear message - proclaiming The Glory of God.

It is but human that each and every time we come in supplication to The Lord, we do so bringing our personal problems to His Feet even in all awareness to the fact that The Lord knows about our thoughts and actions well in advance.  Let us sometimes truly forget about ourselves and just offer Him our praise and adoration, and what better time to do it than at Sunday Worship.  
This brings me to conclude for the day by quoting a line from a lovely P&W song by the Maranatha Singers:
'Let's forget about ourselves and magnify the Lord and worship Him' 
(We Have Come Into His House/ Lyrics and Music by Bruce Ballinger)

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Jul 21, 2011

2011 July

July 2011
July 03 - Speaker: Bro. Bikash Cintury
*July 10 - Speaker: Rev. Zambolis
 July 17 - Speaker: Mr. K.B. Cahmore
July 24 - Speaker: Mrs. Cashmore
July 31 - Speaker: Mr. Kornelius Basumatery

*Holy Communion conducted by Rev. P. Stephen Lepcha

The Sound of CCM . . . Inspirational Heavenly Grooves
All praise and honour to The Lord that in the wake of preparing a new set of songs to be taught to the PNGS children, we were indeed very fortunate to find some exceptional Praise and Worship mp3 downloads on the internet. Now we have enough teaching material to last us the whole year through and perhaps even likely to continue through 2012 what with the 30 odd albums that have been downloaded.

Here we are in the third world having all the while thought that The Beatles, Queen, Elton John, Billy Joel and the likes of them to be the epitome of contemporary popular music and never did realize there existed a whole bunch of brilliant musician-composer-arrangers who have dedicated their talent to glorify The Almighty Heavenly Father.

There have been many great hymns written in the past with praiseworthy lyrics and scores that blend harmoniously to create awe-inspiring odes to The Lord our Maker but that’s not to say that exceptional talent of our times that duly render equally, if not better tributes should be ignored. We are now in the age where Contemporary Christian Music ranks at par with whatever the secular world has to offer and among the list are a great many that reveal tremendous musical skill and extraordinary talent of their composers. 

Thumbs up to CCM, and Hallelujah to The Lord for imparting great talent among His faithful!

May 4, 2011

2011 May-June

June 2011
June 05 - Speaker: Bro. Bikash Cintury
June 12 - Speaker: Pastor Goutam Datta
June 19 - Speaker: Pastor Goutam Datta
June 26 - Speaker: Rev. P.S. Tingbo*
*Holy Communion

May 2011
May 01 - Speaker: Arthur Pazo
May 08 - Speaker: Bro. D. Basak of Jesus Calls Ministry (Calcutta)
 May 15 - Speaker: Bro. Bikash Cintury (Gangtok)
May 22 - Speaker: Arthur Pazo
May 29 - Speaker: Bro. Sandeep S.

May 16, 2011
O Worship The Lord
All things (and everything) is possible when we seek His Divine guidance and Counsel. 

On our Sunday Worship of May 15, 2011 we did something that we ought to have done a long time before - a negligence on the part of the eldest member of the group- i.e., myself alone to blame. For the first time since my volunteering to lead our worship, I asked the conductor, the Bible readers and the guitarist to stand in unison for a brief prayer seeking The Lord's guidance and blessing before the start of our Sunday service.
There is no doubt that each of us had individually sought The Lord's guidance, directions and blessings towards our individual task for the worship prior to arriving at church – but, we had never prayed collectively before each church service.

And what a joyous revelation! The Lord emboldened our spirits to proceed fearlessly, without any hesitation, and in the right manner. I had been praying for many months for His Divine Guidance to strengthen our small flock in the matter of fearless and uninhibited Praise and Worship time (even though we have close around 90 attendees, firm Believers among us are few).

Many of us who have been groomed at church worship in the archaic Victorian tradition are more than often uneasy in displaying our emotions in public (even amidst our own congregation) - mostly so because we were taught to maintain absolute silence as mark of fear and reverence to The Lord - my own perception on how this came about would perhaps take root from one of Christ's teaching to His disciples when He taught us how to pray (The Lord's Prayer) and proceeded to mention that our personal entreaties to Our Heavenly Father should be done in the privacy of our rooms. Yes, there is no doubt that our Lord Jesus Christ taught with Great Wisdom and truly more wisdom than any one of us ordinary human will ever attain in either our mortal or immortal self. Presumably, many of us Christians have taken this passage beyond the bounds of its context as I believe this teaching by our Saviour has more to do with our personal entreaties to The Lord where so many personal matters will come into play, and it is obvious that rarely or never will we confess our deepest darkest secrets in public.
However, when prayers to Our Lord involves purely worship and thanksgiving for all His Benevolence and Grace, why should we not offer it with shouts of joy and at the top of our voices! 

We should remember the greatest commandment that Christ revealed to us, 'To love the Lord The God with all our heart, with all our mind and all our strength.'
Having mentioned to our congregation time and again that if we can cheer loudly with pent up emotions during sports and other gala events, why should we not do the same or even more for Our Heavenly Father who has given us life and all the bounties of His Creation to enjoy - thus offering our praises to Him with joy and delight! Although having preached this point on several occasions, I had never summoned enough courage put this into practice until now.

Giving The Lord first place in our hearts is indeed very important to the True Believer but giving The Lord glory, honour and praise in the highest and above all is another thing that we should always do.

May 01, 2011 Sermon:
That, the Holy Bible is The Word of God

What a mighty blessing to know that ‘The Holy Bible Is The Word of God!’ If we only should take a little time and research two very profound prophecies;
1. Our Lord God’s blessing to Abraham in the book of Genesis, and
2. What our Lord Jesus Christ told his disciples (as recorded in The New Testament).
We have ample proof in clear evidence of the Holy Truth.

Four thousand years ago, The Lord God made a promise to Abraham to bless his descendents for posterity in the book of Genesis 12: 2-3 - “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

And sure enough we can see it today amongst the thriving Jewish people. 159 Nobel laureates in science and literature (out of the total 833 recipients to date), 400+ Olympic gold medals and some of the world’s richest people amidst a race of people that comprises barely 0.25 percent of the world’s population / 2 percent of the U.S. populations – and all of their success despite centuries of existence in ghettos and perpetual ostracization.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ said in Luke 21:33 - “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my word will not pass away.”

Jesus said that regardless of what happens in the world, his words will never be forgotten. Here we are 2000 years later and the words of Jesus are all around us. More people in the world follow the teachings of Jesus than of any other person in history. The Bible is the most widely published and most widely circulated book in the history of the world. Of all the people who have ever lived, could any of them have made this claim more convincingly than Jesus - that his words would never be forgotten?

Similarly, in Matthew 24:14, Jesus said; “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

Jesus said that his teachings (the Gospel) would be preached throughout the world. And, the lessons of Jesus have been taught to people in every country. This feat was accomplished long before the worldwide availability of radio, television or the internet. Can any other religious figure make this same claim? Has any other religious figure ever made such a claim? Jesus did make that claim. And Jesus' claim has been fulfilled.

Feb 22, 2011

2011 April

April 03 - Speaker: Arthur Pazo
April 10* - Speaker: Rev. P. Stephen Lepcha
 April 17 - Speaker: Mr. Bikash Cintury
April 24 - Speaker: Mr. Bikash Cintury
*Holy Communion

February 20, 2011 - First Sunday with PNGS Students
Showers of blessing from Our Lord to our student ministry! Our Moderator, Rev. P.S. Tingbo and President of our Church Committee, Mr. Roger Rai are in accord to our desire for the Sunday English Worship to convene at the Main Church Hall but more important is the fact that we shall now be having more students with us as we expect that from age 12 upwards are able to comprehend as well as sing in English. This raises the number of attendees to around 70 or more. Perhaps it entails more responsibility as well as more care in preparation of teachings comprehensible to the younger lot but asking the Lord's guidance and adhering by it, we know our boat will sail steady and take the right course. 

Dr. Thangi Rema at our church
It was indeed an added blessing to have a special guest speaker too on this first Sunday for the children. School friend and mission worker Dr. Thangi Rema, Ph.D., had just concluded a workshop in Siliguri on the 19th and she didn't mind being rushed over Gangtok on the same day to be on time to speak on Sunday. One of the hymns that we had practiced the week before to be sung on this Sunday was Peace Be Still, (Master the Tempest is Raging) and likewise, Dr. Thangi's had perpared her sermon for the morning on this theme; that if ever situations and circumstances arose in our lives when nothing or no one could ever rescue us, we only need to call upon Our Saviour, Lord Jesus and He, who has power and authority over all  things will see us through our predicaments.

Dr. Thangi teaching PNGS students how to sing better
Later in the evening on that same day Dr. Thangi spent time with the PNGS children in their hostel for more singing of hymns. With her long time experience and skill in western classical music she was able to get the girls singing much better than before having imparted tips on the basics of good singing. It was exhilarating to observe from the sidelines, the excitement among the students at Dr. Thangi's presence - their eagerness to learn and her ability to get them going in the right direction.

Dr. Thangi and I both owe a lot to Mount Hermon School, Darjeeling and in particular, to Mrs. Patricia N. Murray, music teacher par excellence for having inculcated in us a sense and style of rendering songs of praise and worship to Our Heavenly Father in a more vibrant fashion. At this point, I add a few more lines to mention that Jesus Lover of My Soul (rendered with the more modern tune less known at traditional venues but which, all Hermonites of our generation are familiar with) is a big favourite of the PNGS students. Some of the wonderful worship songs that were taught to the MHS Choir in the early 1970's are coming to bloom once again at a neighbouring hill town not too far away from Darjeeling where the seeds were sown. Thank you Mrs. Murray. I do often keep you, Mr. Murray and your family in my prayers. 

Having had an interesting start on this year's ministry with the children, we rest assured that The Lord has willed more exciting times for us in the days ahead. Praise Him! 

Feb 18, 2011

2011 January-March

2010 December - 2011 February Winter Fellowship
No Zero Attendance!

The Lord has inspired some of us keep the Sunday English Worship going round the year even though the task would be a challenge considering the disappointments in previous years when repeated Sundays with zero attendance during the winter months brought the organizers to a decide on not having the English service during the times that PNG School students were on an extended vacation.

When The Lord extends to us the opportunity to serve Him, a Christian should accept it as his or her greatest privilege while on Earth, thus take up the call wholeheartedly - mind. body and soul. And to be at church for just one single hour, once every week on a Sunday cannot be deemed a hard task! There are 168 hours in a week that our Creator and Heavenly Father has given us to enjoy the pleasures of His bounties! 

Praise the Lord, that there have been several of us who have had the need for this weekly fellowship regardless of the volume in attendance. Yes, definitely from our human perspective, a large gathering is inspirational but more than often we have been reminded by Mrs. Cashmore in her addresses to the congregation of Lord Jesus Christ’s words that, ‘where two or three are gathered in His name, His presence is amidst us.’

Looking back over the 2010-2011winter season, not a single Sunday passed by with zero attendance and I deeply regret that on the first Sunday of 2011, the 2nd of January, although brother Praveen Dan had come, we were too much engrossed in our personal conversation and with the excuse of waiting for others to arrive much to my regret now, I forgot the purpose of the occasion and I failed to take the initiative to convene at fellowship in the name of Our Lord.

On January 16, 2011, we were much blessed with the presence of Karen, daughter of Mr and Mrs Cashmore. Karen brought to us a meaningful and inspirational sermon on, The Power of The Word of God and His Promise to All who Abide in It –powerfully as well as enthusiastically delivered – anyone could easily sense her zeal in her devotion to The Lord. We know that in the days to come, that The Lord will surely use her abilities for The Glory of His Kingdom.      

On February 5, 2011, Brother Sandeep S. brought to us another very meaningful sermon – To keep up with the Christian Spirit beyond the Church Arena and to Always Uphold Mercy. To think that this was the first time ever in Brother Sandeep’s life to address a Sunday sermon, we are certain that the words he delivered was truly inspired by God’s Holy Spirit.  

Brother Sandeep’s message had a lingering effect on my conscience; thus I was inspired by Our Lord to call up our little congregation on the following Sunday (February 13, 2011) to devote more of our time during weekdays to follow the examples given by Our Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ, and Praise The Lord! - for when the call was made, He did speak into the hearts of our group to willingly and freely offer their abilities for His Glory. There is now a band among us who will be using our God-given talents to help the PNGS hostellers in their studies through 2011.

Our Winter Sunday Fellowship has been strengthened with the regular attendance of Mr. and Mrs. Cashmore, Brother Sandeep S., Brother Ananata Pradhan, Sister Esther Malika Sharma, Sister Barbara Lama, Brother Bikash Cintury, Ms. Esther Pazo and Ms. Sayon Lepcha along with her family - Dawn, KinomSheba, Doreen, Pauline, Saom, Kingstum and Achsah.

Not a single Sunday with zero attendance!
Praise God and Glorify His Name for His abundant Mercies and Blessings!

2011 Objectives
Also in the month of January, one Sunday after church, Miss Sheba Lepcha put up a suggestion that we should organize visits to hospitals and orphanages especially to offer aid to those really in need. So, while on the subject of raising funds for this project, it was decided that we keep a piggy bank for the purpose. We also came to a general agreement that we will keep another piggy bank to fund the November/December Class 12 Farewell as opposed to calling for donations from individuals at the final hour which has been the current practice.